We are a small family owned business nestled deep in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in NW Montana. We love every part of the process of bringing you handmade, organic clothing for your little explorers and we hope you enjoy dressing them in our clothes as much as we enjoy creating them. 

Everything is made right here in our studio and we take great care in bringing you quality goods that are ethically, organically and above all LOCALLY made, and each piece is hand sewn just for you.  We love supporting small business ourself and believe owning a few high quality handmade items is so much better than loads of cheap factory produced goods. 

We love to live a simple and yet fulfilled life and family is more important than anything else. Our kids all help in some way in running this business, even youngest, who does a lot of the modeling! We hope you enjoy your look around and always let us know if we can help you or improve our business in any way. 


The Thompsons