Our Frequently Asked Questions + Return Policy info.


  Our leggings tend to run big in sizes 18-24 and up so if you aren't sure, size down!!  Sizes up to 12-18 are true to size. These measurements are approximate and not exact, as everything is cut by hand and not machines.  If you need them chunkier, slimmer or no patches (no patches option will also take off the contrasting cuff)  please add that where it says special instructions to seller when checking out. We don't add on length, only offer slim or husky options so order the right size for your length.  We can't change patch color, add patches on to anything, or make huge size changes. Please order a diff size if you want more than a slight adjustment. Please don’t email as it may not get checked before we start cutting, thank you!  We do not sew any of our tops, only screen print them so they are all fairly true to size. 


0-3 month // 22-24"height// 7"Inseam

3-6 month // 25-27 "height// 9"Inseam

6-12 month // 28-30height// 11"Inseam

12-18 month // 32-34 "height// 12" Inseam

18-24 month // 33-35"height// 14" Inseam

2T // 36.5-38 "height// 14" Inseam

3T// 40-42" height//  16"Inseam

4T// 43-45"height // 18"Inseam



We are happy to include a gift note in your order, we have free custom made gift notes. Simply add in the instructions to seller when you checkout what you want it to say.  We never include a receipt. It will also be packaged cute and you can purchase one of our cards and have us write a handwritten note in that too. Please don't email the gift  message, include it in the order notes before placing the order. Thank you! 


We love to ship internationally and will occasionally open up for international shipping but unfortunately shipping prices are increasing dramatically. We only charge about what it costs us. With that being the case, we can only offer stickers, cards, tops, leggings, hats and moccasins to our international customers, so if you order something other than that we will cancel and refund you for those items as they are to heavy to ship and still offer somewhat reasonable shipping prices. Thank you! 

LOST PACKAGES  + SHIPPING                                                                                                

 As much as we wish we could be in charge of the USPS and tell them exactly how to do their jobs and where and when to deliver your packages, they don't seem to listen to us! ;)  Please make sure you enter your address correctly, as it will ship to the EXACT address you entered, it is all automated so theres no chance of human error on our end. If you don't have your package, the first step it to reach out to your local carrier or Post office for their help. We can't see any more info on our end than you can, so it won't help to contact us. Also check with neighbors or other household members to see if they've seen it. Sometimes a tracking number will show its delivered a day or two before it is, so give it a few days.  We wish we could offer replacements but we simply can't, since once they leave our studio, it's out of our control/hands. We are so sorry if your package is lost, we know how frustrating it is as we've had it happen to us too! We hope it eventually shows up and that your carrier is cooperative in helping figure out where it might be. We are NOT responsible for damaged packages, again this is not in our control and once it leaves our shop it’s no longer our responsibility. Please reach out to USPS for damaged packages, sometimes they will work with you on it. 

International Shipping can take up to 8 weeks so please allow that much time and size up, and remember this if it's for a gift. The USPS has struggled more this year than ever before and as frustrating as it is, I'm trying to remember to have patience and grace with them.  We do not guarantee delivery by any certain dates, ever,  there is too many variables from broken machines, delayed packages on shipping and etc. So if you need a package by a certain date, like a holiday or baby shower, order very much in advance. 


We do not offer any cancellations at this time, once an order is placed it goes in to the processing stage and can't be canceled, as each item is made to order! Even when we cancel an item, it still charges us for the transaction and all the fees.  So please double check everything before placing your order.  We don't have a tech person hired to do this time consuming expensive process. Every single transaction costs us money so please be very sure of your info before you order. We will make occasional exceptions on canceling orders but it’s at our discretion. We also will not make changes to your order, this includes changing sizes, prints or addresses. So please double check everything before you order.     



 Always remember, please allow 3-4 weeks for your item to ship, we hand make every legging after your order is placed and we receive a high volume of orders every day, so please be patient. Quality, hand made products take time and we state this shipping time all over our website.  We proudly ship our products from Northwest Montana - Kalispell, to be exact. Books may ship separate from the rest of your order. 



We recommend washing on cold, paired with phosphate free detergents to get the best wear. We also like to hang dry our clothing too, but realize life is busy, and drying on low is just fine too. We no longer prewash our fabric and we cut to allow for shrinking so they may fit better after washing. 



Along with printing on Certified Organic Cotton, our legging designs are digitally printed using water-based inks. Unlike conventional printing, digital printing uses very little waste of fabric, ink, water, or electricity. No added chemicals are used in the printing or preparation process.



Please free to email or message us, but remember, replies can take up to a week due to a high volume of emails. So please be patient, this is also one of the reason we can’t change orders by email or contact so please always make requests via order notes/instructions.


Q: Why are your products so expensive?

Each item that leaves Alpine Baby Co. is created by hand from start to finish. Not only is this extremely time consuming, but expensive, as organic cotton is $29+ per yard. We put extreme pride and value in our products, to insure you get not only a unique item, but it's the very best. 
Purchasing handmade is not inexpensive, but is personally rewarding. It's more than the just the item, it's about supporting other Mom's & Dad's who are using their talents and abilities to support their very own families. We, as small business owners, appreciate your support more than you know. It's not about greed, it's simply more expensive to purchase handmade in the USA.


Q: What is your return/exchange policy?

We DO NOT accept returns unless at item is defective. 
Please make sure you double check our sizing guidelines posted above BEFORE you purchase.


EXCHANGES: We don’t offer exchanges as we are a small handmade shop and are very clear with our size chart. Consider gifting if they are too small or saving to grow into if they are too big, thank you for understanding. 

If you need a refund/exchange due to a mistake on our part (defective or damaged)- contact heather@alpinebabyco.com immediately and we will resolve the mistake within a timely manner.


Q: Will my leggings be EXACTLY like shown in your pictures?

Nope! We work with natural and unique materials, our pieces are cut and sewn individually. As such, please note it is not always possible to *exactly* replicate a piece due to minor pattern variations and availability of materials. Cuff and Patch color may also vary from the original photo, but will always coordinate. 


We are no longer accepting any more wholesale clients. 



We are currently full on reps and are not looking for any more at this time. Thanks for checking.